The USACE has developed their Resident Management System (RMS) and the Quality Control System Module (QCS Module, or the newer RMS3CM Module) to be a quality management and contract administration programs designed by USACE Resident Engineers. The systems provide an efficient method to plan, schedule, and control all aspects of construction.

The USACE "drives" their projects via this tool.  In fact, RFP submission's require validation of qualification related to QCS experience.

Our team is a seamless integration of the USACE requirement along with your team.  We simply work with you, your way, and in government compliance.

Ensure that QCS not only helps your team's success but also reflects on your ultimate positive Satisfactory Evaluation by the US Govt DoD.

Remote Management of QCS Software

  • Daily import's and export's to RMS
  • Management of modules and assignments of such
  • Daily entries
  • Full conformance checks of your team's entries
  • Setup and maintenance of setups

Back-end Staff Support

We take on work where your staff falls short.

  • Submittal Review
    (defining, packaging, routing, review, Eng/Arch stamps, follow-up)
  • Pay Application's
    (preparation, entry)
  • Scheduling
    (baseline and monthly status)
  • Document control
    (photo documentation; creative logging and presentation; test and inspection plans)
  • Preconstruction Plans
    (QC, Environmental, Safety, Mobilization, etc)


We train your staff on not only the QCS software, but also on Construction Quality Control covering every aspect from submittals to inspections, documentation, and record keeping.

We can train at your site no matter where in the world, or remotely online.